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 FuSioN Magazine : is a Pop Culture, Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment Magazine that focuses on providing you with the best of both American and Asian pop culture. The entertainment sectors that we focus on include music, fashion, television, and movies. Our mission is to bring together Asian and Western pop culture by providing an inside look

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We’ve collected important answers which will help you understand our business model. Below we listed all information for you to know about our brand. If we left anything out please make sure to shoot us an email. We hope to work with you!

Where is Fusion media located?
It was founded in Los Angeles, in 2005. The Company is currently headquartered in Burbank California and has expanded outside The United States.
What kind of coverage do you do?
Our coverage is a variation of Travel, Pop Culture, Entertainment, among others. We always thrive in developing original content for the consumer. As we seek for the viewer to learn and be inspired as well as get help insides on travel destinations. We welcome our viewers to participating in being a part of our programs.

Here is a list but not limited to what we do for our coverage:
Entertainment & Pop Culture: Idols, Music, Fashion, Movies, Personalities, Influencers, Models, Fitness, Travel, & Destinations, Documentaries & More!

What does FuSioN stand for?
We built this platform to bring together all spectrums of entertainment in pop culture, from the United States to Asia, and to be the leaders in being the bridge to all entertainment and united as one. It was easy in our minds: we wanted to combine everything and provide you with the finest coverage possible. That's how the name FuSioN came to be.
How often do you Publish?
For our original video content, we publish one's a week.
Magazine Publication, we publish every Month.
what else is fusion focused on?
FuSioN is focused on in several platforms which are TV Media and online broadcasting as well as Publishing a Month to Month Magazine in addition, we created a production agency to help companies with their content creation and marketing as well as consulting..
Monthly user engagements?
Monthly User Engagements
10,430,923 HITS PER MONTH
Monthly that keep coming back
What are your demographics?
40% Ages 18-24 60% Ages 25-35
Male 69% Female 31%
Can we collaborate?
If you want to be a part of the magazine, please send us an email and tell us what you're thinking; we'll get back to you. We would appreciate hearing from you and look forward to knowing your ideas

FuSion Magazine

FUSION MAGAZINE’s content is not only interesting, thrilling, inspiring, or instructive; it is also meticulously edited and fact-checked for truth, clarity, and fairness. You can trust that If we’re recommending trends from the lattes fashion to the best movies of the year to the best places to visit next, we’ve done our homework and considered all of the options available to us.

Jerry Coria
Producer & Founder

Amanda K Hardy
Producer & Managing editor

James Beto C
Chief Operations

Rie Yamada
Associate Producer

Monica Stevens
Circulation director

David Lancer
Production manager


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