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We are FuSioN: a multimedia organization that is centered on Pop Culture, Travel, Lifestyles & Entertainment.
Other Guest appearances additionally consist of Music, Fashion, TV presenters, Creators, influencers, Models & more.We are taking our media platform to a whole new level. Our focus is to bring our consumer’s original video content to a whole new level. As well as discover unknown destinations from around the globe!


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We’ve collected important answers which will help you understand our business model. Below we listed all information for you to know about our brand. If we left anything out please make sure to shoot us an email. We hope to work with you!

Where is Fusion media located?
It was founded in Los Angeles, in 2005. The Company is currently headquartered in Burbank California and has expanded outside The United States.
FuSioN is focused on TV Media and online broadcasting as well as Publishing a Month to Month Magazine in addition, we created a production agency to help companies with their content creation and marketing as well as consulting.
What kind of coverage do you do?
Our coverage is a variation of Travel, Pop Culture, Entertainment, among others. We always thrive in developing original content for the consumer. As we seek for the viewer to learn and be inspired as well as get help insides on travel destinations. We welcome our viewers to participating in being a part of our programs.

Here is a list but not limited to what we do for our coverage:
Entertainment & Pop Culture: Idols, Music, Fashion, Movies, Personalities, Influencers, Models, Fitness, Travel, & Destinations, Documentaries & More!

What does FuSioN stand for?
We created this platform to combine all spectrums of Entertainment & Pop Culture, from the USA to Japan and Korea in our minds its simple we wanted to fuse all of them and bring you the best coverage possible. That's how we came up with the name FuSioN.
How often do you Publish?
For our original video content, we publish one's a week.
Magazine Publication, we publish every Month.
Monthly user engagements?
Monthly User Engagements
10,430,923 HITS PER MONTH
Monthly that keep coming back
What are your demographics?
40% Ages 18-24 60% Ages 25-35
Male 69% Female 31%
Can we collaborate?
Please send us an email and let us know what's on your mind
we will respond back to your inquires. Make sure to place a subject so we can get back to you faster we def love collaborations

FuSion Magazine

Dedicated to Travel, Pop Culture & Entertainment. Our focus; to promote all of the best travel within Japan and other parts of Asia. We want to give our consumers great coverage of unknown destinations and promote all the best locations while you stay in Japan. We strongly believe there is always something new & exciting to discover: food, attractions, nightlife, music & entertainment, and more. The Magazine circulation publishes every month, Other Guest appearance also include everything from: Music, Lifestyles, Fashion, tv presenters, Creators, influencers, Models & much more


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